Letters to the Editor

"Kopelgänger!," Adam Cayton-Holland, May 22

Double Trouble

I always wondered what the shine was that was reflecting off of Mr. Kopel's forehead. Now I know that it comes from the brilliance of Westword's writers, such as Adam Cayton-Holland and cartoonist Kenny Be. Calhoun has a great crew, and Denver is a rich place, indeed, by Westword being here.
Tom Carllon

"Going, Going, Gone," Adam Cayton-Holland, May 22

Flipping the Bird

Once again, Adam Cayton-Holland has penned an article that delves into the details and depths of a story. And Mr. Grange, who commented last week on "Sporting Chance," can take heart in the fact that Mr. Cayton-Holland made not a single Mormon joke in "Going, Going, Gone." Granted, the subject matter allowed him to delve into the sexual proclivities of this bird; granted, he described these activities in detail — but not once did he use the word "fuck." I looked. Twice.

But wait a minute — maybe this was really Adam Clayton-Holland! I, like that bald-pated guy at the Rocky, never can keep those two separate.
Bill Gardner

"Little Shop of Horror," Jessica Centers, May 15

Send in the Clowns

Jessica, you did a good article. Juggalos are the widest fan base in America. We run your gas stations and make your food, we fix your computers; we are not always uneducated punks. I have a six-month-old baby and am in college. I have worked since I was fourteen and was Ivy League-bound, but I had to help support my family.


Adam Cayton-Holland

Some people get out their aggressions by killing animals or hurting people; I get it out by music — a safer venue, in my opinion. And that's no reason to hate us.
Robyn Thompson

I saw this issue on the stands and was filled with excitement to see the most anticipated Westword cover story of my life. Now, although I agreed with the words within — yes, the acts discussed have made a local name for themselves, and the Primos guys are bringing an element of the juggalo world to Denver in full force — the only mention of the hands-down most successful element of the Denver scene, the Axe Murder Boyz, got pushed off in a one-line diss.

These two guys have done what the other guys have been trying to do for years, and they have done it many times. Aside from Scum, I saw each of the mentioned groups open for AMB long before their days on Psychopathic — or their fifteen minutes. The mere fact that Jessica Centers printed that phrase in the article bothers me, and tells me that she made no attempt to contact them. The best accomplishment of the groups in the article was a six-state tour. These AMB guys went out on many nationwide tours while on Psychopathic, and a coast-to-coast, six-week headlining tour after the parting. She mentioned a few fan tattoos of Scum and Qrem and DCK; you can find hundreds of AXE tats across the country. I was just shocked that somehow the most successful group to ever come out of the juggalo Denver scene and hit huge nationwide notoriety was not looked into a little more in-depth.

Jessica, I'm glad you had the guts to do the article, as it was needed. But you got it twisted — you need to do your homework.
Justin Malloy

Editor's note: For more, much more discussion of Denver's juggalo community, click here.


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