Letters to the Editor

"Untwisters," Kenny Be, May 29

Breaking Wind

Kenny Be, your "Untwisters" made me laugh. You made me laugh out loud. You made me laugh for some time after that. I haven't laughed out loud so hard since that YouTube video with the monkey that sticks his finger up his butt, smells it, then proceeds to pass out. You made me pass out with laughter!
Mark Sharpe

"The Good, the Bad & the Mad," Alan Prendergast, May 29

This Is Crazy!


Kenny Be

Once largely warehoused away, out of view, the unsuccessfully mainstreamed mentally ill — to save money — have been among us for several decades now. The art of psychology is still in its infancy; the successful treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally and sociopathically insane is still a rarity. How does society count the cost? Thomas Eric Espinoza: case in point. Thanks for the fine article.
Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs

You have done an excellent job discussing and highlighting the problems associated with violent criminal behavior and mental illness. Thank you for taking the time to address them. I, too, use David Cooper as an example of why we should sometimes put the brakes on moving people out of the CMHIP too quickly.

There is so much more medical science needs to understand about the human brain before violence and addiction will be understood to the point that intervention will be reliable and behaviors predictable. But once that happens, we will need very few prisons. What a hope.
Carol Chambers
District Attorney, 18th Judicial District

"A Cut Above," Jason Sheehan, May 22

The Unkindest Cut

Jason, I love your review of Sushi Katsuya. The content, yes, but really the style of your writing. You created a sensory experience throughout (maybe it helps that I love sushi, too), and I love the ending — the tie-in to old Japan movies and such.
Carol Pranschke

Here we go again: a reader who can't handle Jason Sheehan's discursive extravagance.

In his charge of self-aggrandizement directed at Jason Sheehan's review of Sushi Katsuya, letter writer Justin M. Warner asks a gratuitous and pedantic question: "Did you know that irashaimase is the customary greeting at practically all places of business in Japan?" Really? Who cares? Warner's irrelevant bit of information is some self-aggrandizement of his own.

The so-called "self-promotion," as Warner charges, is made without any substantial explanation as to why any embellishment of extraneous data of Sheehan's previous restaurant experience is not readable and interesting. Sheehan has repeatedly shown by his abundant and varied reviews that he is not an "alleged" connoisseur, but a real one.

Warner's last sentence-zinger was a blatant and unjustified insult of Sheehan, suggesting drug-induced impairment. His assertion has no specificity of documentation. Warner finds it easy to criticize. He can't begin to match Sheehan's verbal mastery.
Tom Jenkins

Never in my life could I imagine so many people bitching about a restaurant reviewer for a free newspaper. Jesus, enough already. You know how he writes, and no one makes you read it. Instead of bitching, why don't you take some personal responsibility and make the huge step of doing something equally self-antagonizing for you (you obviously enjoy it) but less annoying for the rest of us? Some suggestions would be staring at the sun, drinking spoiled milk or touching hot burners on your stove.
Dave Schultz


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