Letters to the Editor

"Best or Bust!," Patricia Calhoun, July 3

The Best Is Yet to Come

I really enjoyed Patricia Calhoun's defense of the Best of Denver, and loved the last line of her bonus column, "The State of This City." The future is indeed around the corner, and we need to focus on all the potential this city has, rather than complaining about how someone sings the national anthem. Thank you.
Jill Myers

Kudos to Patricia Calhoun for an excellent column. As for Ask a Mexican, I especially enjoy his use of Spanish palabras, as I learn a new one nearly every week.
Stephen Crout


Best of Denver

I am visiting Denver for the first time. I really like the walkable streets; it would be great to live here. I read "Best or Bust!" and decided to walk to La Fiesta. I'm sorry to say that I was really disappointed. If this is what you think is the best of Denver, I hope the Democrats have a sense of humor. (They don't seem to have much of anything else except a messiah at the moment.)

I ordered green chile with rice and beans. When my lunch arrived, I was greeted with a big plate swimming in neon-green green chile, a small spoonful of beans and a small spoonful of rice. There were literally four pieces of pork in this sea of green sauce. I guess every city is different in terms of their style of food. I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up eating my grandmother's green chile, and I order it at every Mexican restaurant that I patronize. I am used to abundant chunks of beef or pork in a green-chile sauce. This was the reverse. I asked a busgirl to take the dish away.

The more I read about Denver and green chile, the more I miss my place in Phoenix, but to each his own.
R. Rubio

"Borderline," Jason Sheehan, July 3

Critical Mess

I am a huge fan of the Santa Fe Tequila Company in the Santa Fe Arts District, which is three blocks from my home. I was deeply saddened by the negative review by Jason Sheehan. I have to admit, I've not had the opportunity to dine at any eateries in Santa Fe, so I have nothing to compare this menu to. But one thing I am certain of: the food and margaritas are fabulous, the staff is fabulous, and the overall ambience is fabulous.

Last week, while dining on the scrumptious carne adobada burrito, I asked a neighboring table if they were pleased with the food and service. Their response was a heartfelt "Yes!" The two women were transplants from Santa Fe and said their chile rellenos were to die for — the best they've found in Denver. My hat's off to the staff and owners of the Santa Fe Tequila Company. I will always support local establishments in my neighborhood.

I became most unraveled when Sheehan mentioned how slow it was and that there were no people in the restaurant. Could it be a self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps? Tell them to stay away and they will. Duh...

To the readers of Westword: Please give the Santa Fe Tequila Company a chance. You might be amazed. Make your own decisions — don't rely on relentless restaurant critics who take their jobs too seriously.
J.M. Hill

I have followed behind Jason Sheehan's overly critical reviews for some time, and with the exception of a couple of local eateries, have been pleased with my visits overall. It seems that over time, "critics" become victims of their own arrogance, causing distress and helping to promote the failure of hardworking entrepreneurs without valid cause. Just because he is bored with his own life, that should not give him the right to destroy the efforts of others. Unfortunately, many readers are not brave enough to gain their own experiences, making snap judgments based on a critic (hello, people, they have that title for a reason!). Let's put these shallow people in their place, and as consumers form our own opinions.
Kinal Lesde


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