Letters to the Editor

"Pain Management," Alan Prendergast, July 31

What a Pain!

Mr. Editor, do you really think that I will believe the words of the guy who has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement, a few warrants, etc.? In addition to that, I find it hard to believe that a cop went off on this guy so badly just because he asked where his money was. I know cops can be mean, but usually it takes some effort or help from the guy they are trying to deal with. Mr. Editor, have you actually researched this issue, or have you just sucked it out of your finger?

I've been a police officer for approximately thirteen years and have had the opportunity to work the "streets" of a large metropolitan city. In the violent cities we patrol, it's not what the general public perceives. Officers over-react, challenge suspects and arrestees, are unable to remain calm, falsify reports, commit perjury, commit unjustifiable use of force, plant evidence and commit questionable officer-involved shootings. This time, just like the countless other officers and sheriffs throughout the U.S., Cleveland got caught...He and the city should be held accountable for his actions.


Alan Prendergast

I wish Timothy success with his lawsuit and that his cancer goes into remission.

Editor's note: These comments, and many more, including a response from Alan Prendergast, were posted on our web site; to read them and the original story, go to www.westword.com/2008-07-31/news/pain-management/

"Going My Way," the editorial staff, July 24

Meet Me on Alameda

Nice write-up on Alameda Avenue! Highlights: Fantastic picture of Dr. Kevin and the dogs, and my sides hurt from laughing at Adam Cayton-Holland's piece on SuperTarget, as I have spent many an afternoon zombie-trodding through that crowd, only to be temporarily woken up by the sound, then sight, of a beautiful mom yelling at her kids.

Kelly J. Wiley

No devices as secretive as the "golf balls" at Buckley off Alameda Avenue are needed to listen to cell phone conversations. Anyone with a shortwave receiver can tune in around the 500 megahertz band and listen in.
David Nereson

I look forward to your street profiles, and Alameda might have been your best one. I particularly enjoyed Jason Sheehan's piece, but was very sad to learn that Alameda Square might be changing. I rely on Westword not just to keep me entertained, but to keep me informed on important developments in town. And the fact that my favorite dim sum restaurants could be endangered definitely qualifies as an important development!
Lynn Elkins

"Payton's Place," Michael Paglia, June 24

Building for the Future

The news came to me late (I was out of town working), but the departure of Cydney Payton from the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver left me stunned. How can this be? This museum and its fabulous new building would not exist if it were not for the heroic efforts of Cydney Payton. Reading Michael Paglia's article, it was apparent that it is a done deal, so sadly, no going back. But really, can't Cydney, Mark and whoever else was involved in this rash departure just change their minds? Cydney's relentless work and vision have given this city a true twenty-first-century gem, and it's not even one year since the building opened to the public.

There is only one solution: a naming opportunity for the new museum, which demands that we forgo the standard practice of naming institutions after the wealthiest donors, and instead do the right thing. That's right, I suggest that the MCA become the Payton.

Thank you, Cydney.
Joshua Hassel


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