Letters to the Editor

"Full House," Jared Jacang Maher, August 7

Urine Trouble Now

Jared Jacang Maher may think that his Denver Doo-Doo Accord is funny, but it is just toilet talk, as I have come to expect from Westword.

NoCRAP? Your paper is full of crap.
Hillary Marvin


Colorado Rapids

Many thanks to Jared Jacang Maher for "drying up" all the hysteria over the "house full of urine" rumor. You would think the mainstream media would investigate stupid reports like this rather than spread them further. But that's right, then you would have to think the mainstream media would do some actual legwork. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate Jared getting to the "bottom" of this one.
Mark Isaacs

Editor's note: Jared Jacang Maher's "Full House" is still available here.

"Kicked Off," Adam Cayton-Holland, August 7

smells like Team spirit

Thank you for the cover story on Rapids fans. I have been a huge fan of the team since '96, and this addressed so many of my concerns. You exposed the issue that I have worried would be ignored forever: that fan culture is important and should be encouraged. I can only hope Kroenke and the Rapids front office take notice and make some changes to embrace the team's biggest fans (and most consistent $ contributors).

I am absolutely sick and tired of being jealous of the loud, raucous stadiums of D.C., Toronto, and even Columbus. This is Colorado. We are some of the best fans in the country, if you let us be.
Mark Hagelberg

Attention, American soccer guy: Drums, flares, songs and fights are a wonderful part of the La Liga, Serie A and Premiership experience, but they are forced and idiotic in America. Let your league develop its own identity and it might have a chance. The soccer is solid, the stadiums are cool, and there are many kids who enjoy the game in the area; but as long as you insist on imitating the spectators of the world's great leagues, you are embarrassing yourselves.

By the way, can we please stop using FC and Real as club names in this country? It's beyond poseur.
Chris Wals

Could someone please let Adam know that no one in this town, state and country cares about soccer? This is America. Thankfully, we've popularized team sports that don't involve stick-armed wussies rolling around in fake agony every two minutes. But the agony inflicted by Adam's constant soccer references is very real.

My God, man, drop the crusade. It's as tiresome and boring as a Rapids game.
Name withheld on request

"Pain Management," Alan Prendergast, July 31

The Turn of the Screw

I've had a few run-ins with the police. In the main, the street cops are professional and courteous. Jails are a different story. I've had identity issues, property issues, etc. What I find interesting is that Joseph Cleveland was disciplined without pay — and still has his defenders! Wake up and get off automatic pilot, folks. Without pay means he royally screwed up!
Steve Pavey

Excellent work by Alan Prendergast on Tim Thomason's frightening story. But some of the comments posted online were also frightening! Remind me never to 1) have incurable cancer and 2) get thrown in the Denver jail without my pain meds.
Rae Weiner


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