Linda Alvarado: Post reported that she said she was running for mayor, then retracted story

For a while on Friday, it looked like the unbelievably crowded field for Denver mayor was about to get a little larger. A day of buzz about local businesswoman Linda Alvarado jumping in was followed by a Denver Post piece quoting her as confirming it.

But that item was soon retracted via a tweet claiming that the paper had gotten the wrong information. From the source herself?

A since-deleted item from The Spot, the Post's politics and policy blog, was headlined, "Linda Alvarado announces she is running for Denver mayor." Writer Jeremy Meyer began the piece like so:

Denver businesswoman Linda Alvarado announced today that she is entering the race for Denver mayor, joining a field of 13 others.

Alvarado, owner of Alvarado Construction, told The Denver Post's Penny Parker today that she is entering the race. The city clerk's office has received no paperwork from Alvarado's campaign.

Touting the piece was this tweet from The Spot's feed:

If you've clicked the link above, you've already discovered that it prompts an error message that begins, "Oops! We Messed Up." And indeed, shortly thereafter, Meyer tweeted the following:

And then there was this from The Spot's feed:

Yes, the link immediately above still works. It connects to a Meyer piece in which Alvarado is quoted as telling Parker, "Because of current business commitments, I will not be running. I have been inundated by people. I have been contemplating this for several months... Essentially, I want to thank the people who backed me. I am humbled and honored for their support."

In the end, Alvarado's announcement that she isn't running for mayor didn't make the Post's print edition -- probably because there are so many people who are. No wonder the Post got confused.

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