Looking for Larry

Ever since news broke last fall that Senator Larry Craig had not limited his wide-stance activities to the Minneapolis airport, but had also tried his luck at Denver International Airport, an intrepid Demver correspondent -- we'll call him Mr. seX -- has been scouting the bathrooms at DIA looking for a newsflush.

Here's the account he filed today:

Reporting live from stall number 3 in the men's restroom on the B concourse at DIA. I am observing a pair of black men's dress shoes in the stall next to me...and the shoe is lightly tapping. Upon further observation, underneath the sole of the shoe I see what appears to be potato product. And then I think to myself..."What state is best known for potatoes?" The answer, of course, is Idaho.

Senator Craig must have been at an Idaho potato processing plant (making a political speech) before catching a plane to Denver. I am now exiting the stall and READY to make a citizen's arrest! Whoooosh...(I hear the toilet flush, zipper go up, door unlatch, and the stall door slowly opens.) You're going to be sorry, Larry!

Oops... It's a line cook from "The Great Steak Escape" who obviously runs the deep fryer. No other activity to report.


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