Lost something at DIA? After four weeks, it's gone forever

The DIA lost-and-found stash.
The DIA lost-and-found stash.

The DIA lost-and-found stash.

Our friends at Denver International Airport have begun posting videos on YouTube intended to answer questions for folks who'd otherwise be trolling the site for videos of vomiting cats instead of visiting DIA's own web address, FlyDenver.com. Most of the clips contain extraordinarily obvious information -- did you know that signs on the way to the airport let you know if certain parking lots are full? But the one pertaining to DIA's lost-and-found section actually contains some interesting information. For instance, an average of 200 items per week are left behind at the facility -- and DIA personnel only hang onto them for two weeks after they're collected. Then they're sent to Denver's General Services Department downtown for another two-week stay, after which they're auctioned off to the highest bidder. Papa's got a brand new bag!

Learn more from the video below. -- Michael Roberts

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