Luke Irvin Chrisco, porta-potty creep: More charges for spying at DMV, Target (VIDEO)

Update: Luke Irvin Chrisco, the man who became internationally famous for hiding in the tank of a porta-potty at a yoga festival in order to scope women's nether regions, cheerfully admits that peeping at females using toilets is practically a religion for him. And the details he's provided thus far about his unholy hobby have led to a slew of new charges related to peepholes discovered in at least four locations so far, including the Boulder DMV.

Chrisco was just another bizarre Boulder character -- his nickname is Skye -- prior to the Hanuman Festival. That's where a woman lifted the lid of a toilet in a portable restroom and saw something moving in the murk. A man summoned to investigate also saw movement beneath a tarp in the tank, and when he stepped outside, he heard the door lock behind him. But what went in had to come out eventually, in a manner of speaking -- and a security supervisor subsequently saw a man later ID'd as Chrisco leaving the porta-potty and running away, clad only in a pair of gray sweatpants and a sheen of effluvia over some open cuts on his arms and back. Hygienic!

Days later, Chrisco was busted outside of Vail during a traffic stop; he'd previously been eyeballed panhandling near a gas station. Before long, he sat down with Fox31 for an interview in which he refers to spying on urinating or defecating women -- "the highest creature in the universe," he maintains -- as "praising God" and says, "It sounds kind of weird, but I would just find my peace and go away -- say, 'Thank you, goddesses,' and go about my night."

That's not all. Chrisco also told the Fox31 crew and Boulder cops about some of his favorite peeping spots in Boulder, including an area Target and a number of restaurants. Detectives following up on these claims found peepholes at the Department of Motor Vehicles branch at 2850 Iris Avenue, the Naropa Institute, at 2130 Arapahoe Avenue, the Target at 2800 Pearl Street, and the Boulder Café, 1247 Pearl Street.

Said peepholes have now been sealed, but cops are looking into claims that Chrisco leered at women from adjoining stalls in a number of other well-known restaurants, bars and retail sites -- Absinthe, The Rio, Macy's, the Cheesecake Factory and Mamacita's -- as well as the International Youth Hostel at 1107 12th Street.

Thanks to these vomit-worthy shenanigans, Chrisco's been hit with four counts of burglary -- crimes that could earn him two-to-six years in prison apiece. His bond has been bumped up to $250,000, and there's always the possibility of more charges.

Sorry, Skye: Sounds like you won't have access to a women's bathroom for quite a while. Look below for our previous coverage, including the aforementioned Fox31 interview, an animated recreation of the porta-potty incident, and Chrisco's mug shot.

Update, 8:03 a.m. June 27: Just when you thought the story of porta-potty tank peeper Luke Irvin Chrisco couldn't get any more disturbing, it plunges even deeper into perviness. Not only has Chrisco reportedly confessed to hiding in fresh feces at a recent yoga festival, but he says he's peeped on hundreds of women the world over -- an act he sees as worshipful and religious, not unbelievably creepy.

The details come to us courtesy of Fox31, with whom Chrisco did one of the skeeviest sit-down interviews ever.

Chrisco first came to the planet's attention following an incident at the Hanuman Festival in Boulder. A woman stepped inside a portable lavatory and lifted the toilet's lid, at which point she saw something moving down below. She promptly got the hell out of there and retrieved a guy to take a look for himself -- and not only did he also see movement beneath a tarp in the tank, but after he stepped out of the porta-potty, he heard the door lock behind him.

At that point, the festival's security supervisor was alerted, and he waited outside the porta-potty until a tall, thin man emerged, wearing a pair of gray sweat pants and a luscious coating of human waste. He ran off before anyone was brave or foolish enough to grab him, but he was arrested a few days later outside Vail during a traffic stop, after being spotted panhandling near a gas station.

Chrisco subsequently sat down with Fox31, and far from denying his proclivity for eyeballing women during the act of elimination, he actually boasts about it. He says he first came up with the idea while in France -- "I just started praising God, as I call it," he proclaims -- and has made a habit of doing so while in Boulder. His favorite peeping spots include the women's restrooms at a local Target as well as area restaurants.

A Boulder Police spokeswoman confirms that the cops have now found drilled-out holes in a number of community restrooms, and while they haven't pinned this disgusting bit of carpentry on Chrisco, the investigation is continuing.

Meanwhile, Chrisco explains his pastime like so: "It sounds kind of weird, but I would just find my peace and go away -- say, 'Thank you, goddesses,' and go about my night." In his view, "Women are the highest creature of the universe -- higher than an eagle."

Speaking for such women, Boulder blogger Tully Mills remembers a personal encounter with Chrisco with something less than reverence. Here's her account of that incident:

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend, our neighbor, and I were sitting on our porch in downtown Boulder when he walked up, introduced himself as "Skye" and took a seat. He said something like "I know this is private property but I'm gonna hang out and talk." It was weird and we were all a little uncomfortable. He offered my girlfriend a foot massage, and then a leg massage when she declined. He then started talking about how he did casting for videos and how "we just go to the person's apartment or whatever and shoot there." He asked our neighbor if she had a headshot from the "bikini top up" and then he started talking about his dick and how big it was and asked if we wanted to party. At this point I asked him if this schtick of hopping up on strangers' porches and talking about his dick usually worked and I told him to leave. The guy was a total fucking creep and his pants kept falling down and you could see his pubes which just added to the whole disgusting vibe he was giving off. He wandered off after apologizing for offending us and giving us a playing card with some shit about free love written on it that he claimed his girlfriend made as if writing on a playing card is some kind of mind-blowing art.

These days, of course, Chrisco is blowing minds in a totally different way. Look below to see his mug shot, followed by the Fox31 video and our previous coverage:


Update, 8:30 a.m. June 24: Vail police apparently have a nose for crime -- because they've nabbed Luke Irvin Chrisco, a thirty-year-old Grand Junction resident now accused of being the shit-covered man who hid inside a porta-potty tank at a Boulder yoga festival last Friday.

How did they sniff out a suspect imagined in an amazing animated-video reenactment on view below?Authorities aren't providing many details thus far, or even a photo of Chrisco, pending further investigation of an astonishingly repulsive act.

Seems a woman attending the Hanuman Festival stepped inside a portable lavatory -- and when she lifted the toilet's lid, she saw something moving in the deep, dark depths below.

Cue shock, horror and a quick escape, after which she fetched a man and asked him to look inside. He, too, saw movement beneath a tarp inside the tank, and after exiting the chamber, he heard the door lock behind him. At that point, he summoned a security supervisor, who waited outside for someone (or something) to come out.

His reward for such patience was the sight of a slender, black-haired white man, standing between six-feet-five and six-feet-eight inches tall, with cuts on his back and arms and wearing only a pair of sweatpants.

He thought they were gray, but given what the man had been soaking in, that was probably a guess.

No, the security staffer didn't try to tackle the guy after he declined to take a seat and ran off. You wouldn't have, either.

As the public wondered what yoga move the guy had used to squeeze into the tiny space -- the Sleeping Vishnu? the Corpse? -- cops statewide kept an eye out for the alleged perpetrator. Cut to yesterday, when a Vail officer noticed a resemblance between Chrisco, who'd been pulled over on Interstate 70 after being spotted panhandling at a local gas station, and the description of the john-peeping-tom suspect.

Following an interview with a Boulder detective, Chrisco was charged with unlawful sexual conduct and criminal invasion of privacy. If he can't afford his assorted bonds -- $1,000 for the traffic offense in Vail, $1,500 for his alleged doings in Boulder -- he'll be transferred to Eagle County Jail. Where, presumably, even he wouldn't want to climb into one of the toilets.

By the way, witnesses to the original incident thought the porta-potty squatter might be a Boulder transient named Sky. Sounds like all of us owe Sky a profound apology...

Update.: On second thought, maybe we don't owe Sky -- make that Skye -- an apology. The Smoking Gun reports that Chrisco "has been known to use the handle 'Skye Oryan.'" The post features a grainy photo of Chrisco, sans feces:

The likeness isn't far off from the one in the aforementioned video. Marvel at it here:

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