Maker's Mark gets into the DNC spirit

Rock the vote on the rocks.
Rock the vote on the rocks.
Rock the vote on the rocks.

Maker’s Mark plans to make its mark during the Democratic and Republican national conventions by selling special bottles of bourbon dipped in red, white and blue wax (or blue, red and white wax, depending on your politics, says company spokeswoman Jamie Hakim) and adorned with either a donkey or an elephant.

The limited-edition bottles are already on sale in Denver liquor stores and in Minneapolis and they’ll go nationwide in mid-September, Hakim says. Each one also has a hang-tag attached with various political factoids written on it.

They are part of a Maker’s Mark’s involvement in Rock the Vote, the organization that tries to get young people to vote and become a part of the political process. A company bus will be in Denver for the convention to encourage people to register to vote.

Just don’t vote drunk. – Jonathan Shikes

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