Marcus Bebb-Jones, British poker champ, faces extradition for alleged Colorado murder

Marcus Bebb-Jones is a successful professional poker playing in the United Kingdom, having won the 2007 Grosvenor Grand Prix, among other big money competitions.

But he's got more to worry about beyond whether or not he should draw to an inside straight. He's right now facing a forced return to the United States for allegedly killing his wife in Grand Junction in 1997, leaving her body in Dinosaur National Monument, and then going on a spree in Las Vegas using her credit cards.

The fun could be over soon. Today, an extradition hearing for Bebb-Jones was held in the U.K. city of Westminster, with the judge slated to announce his decision on April 12. After that, he could be headed back to America for trail -- which, in his case, would be a real gamble.


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