A photo from the Lotus Medical Facebook page.
A photo from the Lotus Medical Facebook page.

Marijuana: Five Recent Changes to Colorado's Medical Licensing List

There's a lot of movement in Colorado's marijuana industry, but most of it seems to be taking place on the recreational side of the corridor these days. Between August 1 and September 2, 2014, one addition and four more changes were made to the state's list of licensed medical marijuana vendors.

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An organization known only as "BK Holdings" at 12001-5 East 37th Avenue has obtained a medical marijuana license from the state.

Then there were the following name and/or address changes, plus one disappearance from the state medical marijuana license list.

The Lotus Medical dispensary listing at 1125 South Inca Street -- a grow location -- has shifted to the dispensary's actual storefront, 1444 Wazee Street, #115.

Durango Healing Center has officially changed its "doing business as" name to Acme Healing Center, and the licensing address for Acme Healing Center has moved from from 555 South Camino Del Rio to 572 East Third Avenue, both in Durango.

Spark has taken over the dispensary formerly known as Herb's Nest at 3900 East 48th Avenue. Owners are not sure when Spark will open its doors.

And Alternative Holistic Healing, 5412 Highway 119 in Black Hawk, has dropped off of the list of state medical marijuana facilities.


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