Marijuana-food pairings subject of Miami food blogger's talk with pot critic William Breathes

Back in July, food blogger Lee Klein, who writes for Westword's sister paper, Miami New Times, mentioned me in a funny story about a pot and food pairing he put together on a private yacht. Since marijuana is highly illegal in Florida, Klein had to go out to open waters on a boat for the culinary excursion, during which they smoked a few different strains and made meals to accompany them.

After I mentioned my disappointment in the comments section for not being invited along to a Village Voice-sponsored pot/food tasting and mentioned that Sour Diesel goes well with red wine, Klein wrote to me asking about other pot-food pairings I enjoy. While I'm no food critic, I gave him my take on cannabis-related cuisine while asserting that Denver is Chronic Capital, USA.

Check out my responses to Klein's questions here on their food blog, Short Order.


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