Marijuana Strain Review: Blue OG at iVita

Maybe it’s my age or inner circle, but whenever friends visit me in Denver, a brewery or dispensary is the first place they want to check out. Luckily, in RiNo — in almost every neighborhood, actually — you can find both. So after an early round of day drinking one recent Saturday at River North Brewery and the Source, I took my college wingwoman and toking buddy, Beth, to iVita Wellness at 3980 Franklin Street for a quick puff before we began pillaging food trucks at the Taco Festival.

I’d never been to an iVita shop before, but I knew the company had three Denver locations. Given earlier experiences with chains, I wasn’t expecting much and was hoping I wouldn’t have to see disappointment in Beth’s eyes if she smelled wet grass and hay. But after I asked the budtender to show us his favorite strains, the handful he pulled out made me feel like a jackass for pre-judging. The Jet Fuel and Chem #4 he presented smelled like new tires filled with fresh sod, and even the on-sale Mob Boss reminded me of a tangerine orchard. Beth’s wide eyes after smelling some Blue OG sold me on a gram for a little over $12 after tax.

Blue OG is bred with Blueberry Moonshine, Blueberry and OG Kush genetics, making a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that smells like a blueberry-banana-pineapple smoothie: simultaneously sweet, savory and sour. All of those fruit notes, combined with a crisp earthiness, made me want to jump inside Blue OG’s bottle and set up camp for a few days to soak it in, and bright, frosty trichomes glimmered in the sun as I admired the dense nug. Some of these beautiful Colorado buds tug at my heart as I grind them up, and Blue OG’s sweet-smelling cries were deeply felt.

The joint’s taste lived up to my expectations, delivering hit after hit of berry-flavored euphoria while getting my stomach ready to kill some tacos. The festival itself was a shit show, but some street tacos and Mexican Cokes had my old friend and I feeling like stoned freshmen at dinner again, thanks to the strain’s paranoia-free kick. The Blue OG from iVita was a potent hybrid with pleasantly strong flavors, and I think Beth’s text days later summed it up: “I told my friend I got high off blueberries in Colorado. She believed me.”

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