Did Flat Stanley have an alibi?
Did Flat Stanley have an alibi?

Medical marijuana dispensary burglar thin enough to squeeze between bars in door

To be a good burglar, a person needs stealth, toughness and a faulty moral compass. But apparently being bizarrely thin helps, too.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, a medical marijuana dispensary located at the posted address of Colorado Cannacare was robbed of paraphernalia, not weed, over the weekend -- and the scofflaw apparently gained access to the building by throwing a rock at the door and then squeezing between its bars. Maybe he's gotten really good at holding his breath. Get more information from the CSPD below:

From Colorado Canna Care's website.
From Colorado Canna Care's website.

Incident Date: July 17, 2010

Time: 1:29:00 AM

Title: Burglary

Location: 1675 Jet Wing Dr

Summary: On 7/17/10 at approximately 1:55AM officers were dispatched to 1675 Jet Wing Dr regarding a burglar alarm at a medical marijuana establishment. When officers arrived they found the front door glass had been shattered by a rock and pulled out of the door. The front door did have bars; however they were far enough apart to allow entry for a smaller stature person.

No suspects were located inside the business. No medical marijuana appeared to be missing; however various other items related to the use of marijuana were taken.

There is surveillance video; however it is unavailable at this time. There is no suspect information at this time.


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