Medical marijuana dispensary robbery in Gilpin County: More questions than answers

This previous Gilpin County business did have a name.
This previous Gilpin County business did have a name.

Update, 2:27 p.m.: Gilpin County Sheriff's Office public-information officer Cherokee Blake has rounded up more information about this crime. Check it out below following the original item, which was published at 12:21 p.m.

Yesterday morning, a medical marijuana dispensary in Gilpin County was robbed by two unknown men. And at this writing, the Gilpin County Sheriff's Office doesn't have much more information than that -- or isn't releasing it at this point.

When contacted earlier today to flesh out a press release on view below, GCSO public-information officer Cherokee Blake said that if the dispensary had a name, she hadn't heard it. As far as its legality, she noted that the person who called in the crime said the business was on the up and up, but she doesn't have independent confirmation at this point. Meanwhile, the suspects remain at large, with no clues to their identity -- "but the investigation is continuing."

Here's the aforementioned release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- May 16, 2010 08:40 a.m.

Gilpin County Colorado -- At approximately 07:45 a.m. this morning, our dispatch received a transferred call from Boulder of a possible armed robbery at 300 Patricia Road in Unincorporated Gilpin County. The reporting party described the property as a medical marijuana dispensary. The reporting party stated that two (2) Hispanic males entered the property and one was possibly in possession a handgun. One suspect was wearing a blue hoodie and cover alls. The two residents of the property fled outside and have since been located and are safe. The whereabouts of the two suspects is unknown at this time.

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Update, 2:27 p.m.: According to Gilpin County Sheriff's Office public-information officer Cherokee Blake, the dispensary that was robbed this weekend is called The High Country; its owner is identified as Aran Murphy.

The dispensary has only been open for a short time. Information from the Colorado Business Division lists its formation date as April 29. Its renewal month is February, and the expiration on its paperwork is May 1, 2011.

Blake says GCSO personnel have been able to determine that the dispensary is legal. The suspects in the robbery remain at large.

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