Meet the Five Richest Coloradans

Additional photos below.
Additional photos below.
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A little over a year ago, we introduced you to the five richest Coloradans according to their position on the Forbes 400.

At first glance, the updated Forbes list is unchanged; the same five people appear on the roster, and in the same order.

However, there have been some shifts in fortune. Four out of five have slipped at least a few slots down the list — and the only one who's moved up has the same net worth as before.

Our introductions to the quintet includes Forbes data and small excerpts from their respective bios.

To see the complete Forbes 400 roster, click here.

Pat Stryker.
Pat Stryker.
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Number 5: Pat Stryker
Real Time Net Worth As of 2/9/16
$2.3 Billion
2015 Forbes 400 Net Worth
$2.3 Billion
Age 59
Source Of Wealth: Medical equipment
Residence: Fort Collins, CO
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: 3
Education: Drop Out, University of Northern Colorado
2014 Forbes 400 ranking: 324
2015 Forbes 400 ranking: 293

Pat Stryker and her siblings, Ronda and Jon, are the grandchildren of Homer Stryker (d.1980), the surgeon credited with inventions like the mobile hospital bed, a walking cast, and an oscillating saw for removing casts. Today, Stryker Corp. sells $9.7 billion worth of medical technology. Shares have risen 15 percent in the past year....

A stand-in graphic for James Leprino.
A stand-in graphic for James Leprino.
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Number 4: James Leprino
Real Time Net Worth As of 2/9/16
$3.4 Billion
2015 Forbes 400 Net Worth
$3 Billion
Chairman, Leprino Foods
Age: 78
Source Of Wealth: Cheese
Residence: Indian Hills, CO
Citizenship United States
Marital Status: Married
Children: 2
2014 Forbes 400 ranking: 194
2015 Forbes 400 ranking: 211

James Leprino is the owner and chairman of Leprino Foods, the world's largest maker of mozzarella cheese. Customers include brands like Domino's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar's and Hot Pockets. Leprino Foods also sells by-products such as whey protein, lactose, and sweet whey powder used in infant formula and yogurt....

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