Michael Andre Autopsy Finds Coke, Ecstasy

Michael Andre and his wife, Marie.

A coroner’s report issued yesterday by the Denver Office of the Medical examiner shows that Michael Andre was experiencing “acute intoxication” at the time of his death on February 23.

The popular criminal defense attorney, had barricaded himself inside his Cherry Creek town home and held police SWAT units on an eight-hour standoff before he committed suicide by placing a handgun inside his mouth and pulling the trigger.

An autopsy performed on February 25 described the 38-year-old’s body as being clad only in a pair of boxer shorts, with his face growing with stubble. On his right shoulder was a tattoo of a barcode and, below it, the designation “CO27184.” On his right leg were puncture wounds and scratches, apparently caused by some type of animal after his death. Subsequent toxicology tests show that his system contained large amounts of alcohol, cocaine and Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as ecstasy.

Friends say that Andre, a regular on the nightclub scene, had been depressed over a dispute with his wife, a 24-year-old dancer at the Diamond Cabaret. The attorney was known as the go-to lawyer for Denver’s escort and adult-entertainment industry, representing the likes of Koleen Brooks, Gary Haney and Scottie Ewing.

He also represented numerous clients for drug offenses, including Steve Brusseau. The meth-addicted inmate awaiting trail in Jefferson County, wrote a letter telling Westword how Andre would often be awake all night working on cases to secure the best deal for his clients. Unfortunately, it appears the only drug case Andre couldn’t handle was his own. – Jared Jacang Maher

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Crystal Preston-Watson

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