Missy Franklin.
Missy Franklin.

Missy Franklin wins Olympic gold -- and tweet from Justin Bieber

Local teen-queen-of-the-pool Missy Franklin has won her first gold medal, in the 100 meter backstroke -- and pretty much no one thinks it'll be her last.

Now the question: Which means more to her -- that medallion or the congratulatory tweet she received from Justin Bieber?

Here's the message the Biebster sent her way:

Her typically effusive response?

Shortly after this exchange, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery got into the act like so....

...and Franklin was enthused by his note, too, albeit a bit more in control:

Franklin's Twitter account is definitely an entertaining follow. Not only does she keep fans up to date even at a high-pressure time like this via notes like the following, from two hours ago....

...but she loves to over-share, as witnessed by a recent goofy Twit pic:

And that's not to mention her scene-stealing in the U.S. swim team's version of the ubiquitous Carly Rae Jepsen brain melter "Call Me Maybe." Perhaps Justin should be watching his back. Here's the clip:

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