More Messages: The Skeptic

As noted in this June blog item , Patsy Ramsey's death a couple of months back, and the press coverage that followed it, seemed more like a temporary flashback to the first generation of tabloid-TV stories than a full-scale revival of interest in the 1996 death of Boulder tot JonBenet Ramsey, Patsy's daughter. But the arrest of a suspect, John Mark Karr, in Bangkok, Thailand, has unleashed the media dogs again. And they're hungry .

The initial wave of coverage has been amusingly schizophrenic, with commentators and pundits who've been banging the Patsy-is-guilty drum for nearly a decade briefly eating crow before laying out the "facts" again as a way of showing that their previous conclusions had been based on extraordinarily compelling evidence.

But rather than join the mea-culpa crowd, KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles, arguably the most vociferous Ramsey critic of them all, is taking a bold but risky tack. On his August 17 morning show, rather than concede that he may have been wrong, he argued that Karr's confession "just doesn't add up" -- and he found plenty of support from listeners, who've spent years listening to Boyles make his case. Of course, there have been lots of naysayers as well -- e-mailers who feel "I'm a piece of crap," Boyles said. He read many of the nastiest missives on the air with a tone of barely disguised contempt.

Stay tuned, my friends. Because this is just going to get better and better. -- Michael Roberts

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