Video below.
Video below.

Moth gets stuck in local 12-year-old boy's ear -- and other icky bug-in-ear tales (VIDEO)

This quote, from a 9News story about a twelve-year-old who had a moth stuck inside his ear, will now haunt my dreams: "We tried drowning it in water. Didn't work. We tried irrigating it out of my ear, it didn't work." So the doctors, says reporter Corey Rose, pulled it out with tweezers. "And when they did," young Wade Schlote says, "it was still alive and it flew away."

But the medical staff was able to catch it in what Schlote calls a "pee cup" and give it to the boy as souvenir -- albeit one that died shortly thereafter.

Check out the 9News story below. And if you're wondering what it looks like when a bug crawls out of a human ear, see the following collection of icky bug-in-ear videos culled from YouTube. Warning: The third YouTube video contains curse words. But the fourth is accompanied by a dance-y soundtrack and helpful captions!

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