Mystery light over Denver: UFO? Planet? Jelly fish!?

Over the weekend, when Park Hill's Jai Harris saw a light in the northwest sky, she did what any tech-savvy person would -- pointed a camera at it, set the footage to moody piano music, created some informative and/or speculative graphics (she asks if viewers think it's a UFO, a planet, a star or a jelly fish), and uploaded the results to YouTube. The clip quickly caught the attention of folks at Channel 31 , who asked site visitors to share their views. The commenters vary from those who see it as a "hoax" -- but a hoax of what? -- to a couple who saw the same phenomenon and reported it to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), whose annual symposium takes place here in July . Let's hope we haven't been enslaved by jelly fish before then...

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