Nadine Montoya.
Nadine Montoya.

Nadine Montoya sentenced to life in prison plus extra 32 years for Burger King hit-and-run

Nadine Montoya has been sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 32 years for murdering a 49-year-old Aurora woman in a hit-and-run at a Denver Burger King last May.

Montoya, 27, was convicted last month. A jury found her guilty of crushing Lilian Verdonkschot with her Cadillac DeVille after Verdonkschot, her daughter and her daughter's friend got into a dispute about a cigarette with Montoya's friend in the drive-thru of the Burger King at Broadway and 6th Avenue.

At her sentencing hearing yesterday, Montoya -- who is now using her maiden name of Carter -- made a brief statement in which she apologized, according to a press release. Verdonkschot's daughter, on the other hand, spoke about the heartache of losing her mother and how her mother, who always wanted to be a grandma, was not alive to see the recent birth of her first grandchild.

For more on the case, read our feature, "After Lilian Verdonkschot Died, Nadine Montoya Was Charged With a Hit-and-Run. But Was Hate Behind the Wheel?"

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