Big pic below.
Big pic below.

Nestor Vasquez allegedly tried to trade sex with undocumented women for citizenship

Nestor Vasquez, 64, has been charged with solicitation of prostitution -- but not simply for propositioning a woman in hooker pumps and thigh-highs on the side of a road.

No, he's accused of targeting undocumented women -- and among the treasures he allegedly offered in exchange for a little of the Freak Nasty was citizenship. Not that he offered to marry anyone...

According to Jessie Mosher, administrative manager for the Eagle County Sheriff's Office, Vasquez, who hails from Gypsum, hired undocumented females in their twenties and thirties to work as painters. But at the site, he touched them inappropriately amid propositions that offered various types of compensation, including money and gifts.

But, Mosher says investigators believe "he also promised to help get them legal representation -- getting them attorneys to help them with the legal process of becoming U.S. citizens.

"I don't know if he was telling them he would pay for it or just help them get it," Mosher adds -- although she guesses it was "a little of both."

Look below to take a larger look at Vasquez's booking photo:

Nestor Vasquez.
Nestor Vasquez.

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