Snow job: Is there a mover and shaker in the state whose name hasn't been mentioned in connection with the top spot at Colorado Ski Country USA? Age doesn't seem to give candidates an edge in this race, because so far, the leading contenders are all under forty: former Comsat exec Tim Leiwicke; lawyer/lobbyist and former mayoral candidate John Frew; and in a surprise addition revealed earlier this month, mayoral aide Mike Dino--whose specialty would seem to be walking (which he suggested Wellington Webb do if he wanted to win the 1991 mayoral election) rather than skiing.

Maybe the booster group is looking for a younger image. Apparently its former head, Doug Cogswell, is, too. During his final days at Ski Country last month before heading to a new job, sources in Vail report that Cogswell took to visiting the office only at night, then wearing dark glasses to protect his eyes from unnecessary glare--and unwanted stares from colleagues wondering about certain seemingly surgical puffiness.

Obviously, Ski Country believes that out of sight is truly out of mind: In the group's new brochures touting the state's ski areas, Aspen--which resigned from the organization last spring--has been wiped off the map.

Too hot to handle: Rolling Stone's current "hot" issue includes celebs' opinions of what's cool, what's now, what's wow. Norm MacDonald, the "Weekend Update" expert whose show, Saturday Night Live, is none of the above, offers this idea for a "hot" news story: "In a surprise move, John Elway is revealed as the Unabomber."

Sure, sure, Sandra Bullock's as hot as Senator Bob Packwood espying a new intern--but even the panting males in one movie-going party at Cherry Creek did a double take when Bullock's computer-whiz character in The Net, Angela Bennett, announced that she was from La Junta. Okay, so the town's known for its nice melons. Still, even on the info superhighway, it's a long way from southeastern Colorado to Hollywood.

"We're pretty small," acknowledges Marty Fleischacker, president-elect of the La Junta Chamber of Commerce. Small, but not completely unknown to the movie industry: Folks like James Arness have filmed in the area, and recently a crew was in town to work on a farming-produce flick that featured local watermelons. Perhaps that gig planted the seed for Angela Bennett's unusual point of origin; Fleischacker isn't sure. But his group, which is distinctly nonprofit, may try to take advantage of the unexpected plug. After all, Early Settler's Day is coming right up on September 9. "Each year it gets bigger and bigger," he notes. And what could be bigger than having Hollywood's most boffo babe lead the parade, maybe driving that Speed bus? "That would be perfect," Fleischacker sighs, then admits that La Junta has yet to cast its net to catch Net's star.

Typo-casting: Should Bullock pass through town, she might want to stop by the Denver Post to give its copy desk an update on computer lingo. In the embarrassingly named "End User" feature of the business section, a recent story on electronic databases mentioned the "Nexus/Lexus" service. Drive-in hair care? Henry Miller's long-lost sequel?

Nope. It's Lexis/Nexis--and the Post can look it up on the database of the same name.


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