Off Limits

Talk about greasing the wheels! At last Saturday's Carousel of Wishes Ball (not to be confused with the Carousel Ball hosted in the early '80s by Barbara and Twentieth Century-Foxy Marvin Davis, before they took off for La-La Land), sweeter-and-lighter-than-a-Krispy-Kreme Bob Goen, the Entertainment Tonight anchor who emceed the benefit for Colorado's Make-a-Wish Foundation, auctioned off a package that involved making doughnuts at the Lone Tree Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop one morning, then serving twelve dozen to your closest friends.

The winning bid, for a whopping $6,000, came from Suzanne Phillips, mother of fitness guru Bill Phillips, founder of Golden-based EAS and author of the best-selling Body for Life -- which does not recommend a doughnut diet. So Suzanne then added another $2,000 to her bid, on the condition that "you don't tell Bill I bought this."

By the end of the night, the charity was rolling in dough.

A sporting chance: In Hawaii, they greet tourists at the airport with flowery leis. In New Orleans, it's beads. In New York, it's muggers. And in physically fit Denver (at least until those Krispy Kreme franchises multiply), they hang a technical climbing rope around your neck, snap a pair of ski goggles on your head, set you on a mountain bike and send you on your way.

Not quite -- not yet. But in keeping with the state's image as a sporting wonderland -- a recent study by Men's Fitness magazine again ranked Denver one of the fittest cities in the country, yawn -- the folks at Denver International Airport are angling for a sporting-goods store to fill the vacant and lonely looking former toll-plaza office building on the median between the inbound and outbound lanes of Peña Boulevard. Now that the toll booths have been moved closer to the terminal, DIA project manager Jerry Kanter wants just the right tenant for what is a highly visible location (Off Limits, January 18). "We're keeping in mind that this is a front-door-to-the-Rockies kind of place," he says. "We had about eight or nine ideas that people came up with, and we assessed and evaluated them, and the one that sounded the best to us was a one-stop travel center that would include outdoor equipment for sale and rental, along with travel information and maps from chambers of commerce, Ski Country and whoever else wants to be in there.

"I'd love to see REI respond," he continues, adding that Gart Sports and EMS would be good candidates, too. "Hopefully it will be a profit-making concession for someone and a revenue generator for the airport."

But speaking of generators, perhaps an Xcel power generator would be a better choice...


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