Off Limits

What do President Dubya, Hustler magazine, the Securities and Exchange Commission, AT&T, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, Boulder and women's sex organs all have in common? They're each part of a delightful letter just penned by the Reverend Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, criticizing Bush's choice for chairman of the SEC.

As was pointed out last week in national headlines, that man, New York lawyer Harvey Pitt, once did some legal work for New Frontier Media Inc., a Boulder company that runs several cable networks and Web sites featuring hardcore porn; it also distributes pornographic films to such major corporations as AT&T, Time Warner and EchoStar Communications. Last year, Pitt helped New Frontier, a publicly traded company, handle a dispute with the Nasdaq stock exchange.

"This company also operates, an Internet company that hosts such sites as 'Teen Sex,' 'Cafe Flesh' and two other sites with names describing oral sex and women's sex organs," Sheldon writes. "The vice president of corporate development at New Frontiers is Greg Dumas, who has the dubious distinction of having been vice president of marketing for Larry Flynt Publications. Dumas helped launch Hustler Online. Hustler, of course, is one of the most obscene magazines in print, and Flynt's smut empire demeans and humiliates women by portraying them as body parts to be used and thrown away. Flynt has also promoted pedophilia through his Chester the Molester cartoon. Pedophiles in the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) must gain inspiration from Hustler's pro-child-molester messages. Is Harvey Pitt really proud that he represented such an evil and perverse company?"

Pitt has specialized in helping people fight off those white-collar, white-hat officials in the straitlaced financial world, and he has also represented convicted financier and super-slimeball Ivan Boesky, so you can probably guess the answer.

And, though Doonesbury is no Chester the Molester, the Garry Trudeau-drawn strip is going after another Bush appointee with Colorado connections. The cartoonist, who lampooned Interior Secretary Gale Norton during her confirmation hearings, has again taken on her department for an embarrassing incident that's received almost no attention from the media: the firing of U.S. Geological Survey employee Ian Thomas two months ago.

A mapmaker for the USGS, which is a division of the Interior Department, Thomas posted a map on the Internet -- one of 20,000 he'd posted as part of his job -- showing a spot in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge where caribou used to have calves. The location just so happens to be the same place where Bush and Norton want to drill for oil.

Now, that's Internet smut!


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