Online readers comment on our bucket and dive-bar lists

"The 2014 Denver Bucket List," Westword staff, January 13

Kick the Bucket!

Things to do in Denver when you're from California.
Jesse Funk

Loved the Denver Bucket List; it reminded me of why we love to live in Colorado — and I haven't done half of the things on the list. Can't wait to get started on the rest.
Terry Lopez


Colorado bucket list

What the fuck does a bunch of tools at Westword know about what to do before you die? Hell, y'all still publish that racist fuck Ask a Mexican...
Robbie Ratay

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is amazing. I miss Colorado so fucking bad!
Shawna Miller

Chipotle and Casa Bonita, really? No one from here eats there — we only take our out-of-town guests. Nasty!
Christine Kelly

A "meal" at every Mexican establishment in Denver. And Westword knows them all!
Priya Butani Nye

This is so obviously written by transplants. Denver Cruisers? What a joke. Let Coloradans write a real one. You people have no idea...
Mary J. Maresh

I miss you, Denver!!!
Jessica Noelle Porterfield

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"Ten Best Dive Bars in Denver," Cafe Society, January 13

Take a Dive

I was sorry to see the Hill-Top go, but Rocky Top Tavern looks like it will be a good neighborhood bar for northwest Denver.
Joe Frankel

The hipster ratio for most of these bars is far too high for a real dive. If there hasn't been a stabbing within the month, it's not a dive bar.
Phillip McKeough

Is it just me, or do most of the bars on this list seem a little less divey and more trendy? I've been to way "divier" Denver bars than most of the ones on this list. Not sure who picked these, but you really need to get out a little more.
Heather Hixson

I love how the people pounding booze at these dives still look great/are in such good shape. Way to go, Colorado.
Heidi Melissa Lowell

Editor's note: These responses to our Ten Best Dive Bars in Denver list were all posted on Facebook; for more comments, go to Cafe Society at


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