The view from the bar at Beatport Lounge, according to this slide show.

Over the weekend: Oktoberfest, giant veggies, and other adventures

What you missed while the Broncos prepared to soil themselves...

Friday: Photographer Uriah West posts up in the Beatport Lounge to bring you a slide show accessible here.

Saturday: Everything may not be bigger in Littleton. But the pumpkins sure are.

Saturday: Oktoberfest finishes a two-weekend run on Larimer Street downtown. Aaron Thackeray narrowly avoids spilling lager on his Nikon and captures a sudsy slide show.

All weekend long, and far, far away: The annual Austin City Limits festival, much like those pumpkins, was huge -- with performances by the Foo Fighters, Robert Plant, Beck and other heavyweights. Our big-hatted, boot-stomping colleagues captured the scene in an ACL slide show. -- Joe Tone


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