Party On

Denver will host the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Not because the Democratic Party will win big in this state on Tuesday -- although it will.

And not because Denver went through such contortions to guarantee a union hotel -- although it did, with the Hyatt Regency recognizing UNITE-HERE in September.

And not even because Denver deserves it -- although it does, since this city last hosted the convention in 1908, exactly a century before the 2008 gathering. And we still throw a swell party.

No, Denver will get the convention for one reason, and one reason only: It's not New York City.

After the Republicans decided to hold their convention in Minneapolis, that left just Denver and New York competing for the Dems. And now, with Senator Barack Obama hinting at a presidential run, the last thing the DNC needs is to put its convention in a spot where Senator Hillary Clinton would have home-field advantage.

And so Denver will host the convention -- the right city, for the wrong reason. -- Patricia Calhoun


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