Party time in Fort Collins after CSU beat CU -- and before the rubber bullets started flying

Last night, Colorado State University fans descended on downtown Fort Collins to celebrate the Rams' out-of-the-blue 23-17 victory over the heavily favored CU Buffs in this year's Rocky Mountain Showdown. But what began as a good time devolved into a bummer when cops used rubber bullets to disperse the crowd . CU cops feared trouble at the game itself , held at Folsom Field in Boulder, and according to the Boulder Daily Camera , 75 fans were eventually ejected. But no one seems to have anticipated revelry overload in FC, least of all the celebrants heard in the cellphone video above, who can be heard happily counting cop cars and cheering the arrival of a fire truck as chants of "Fuck CU!" sound in the background. In the end, though, officers didn't show up to join in the fun....

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