Patric LeHouillier, Colorado Springs lawyer to pay $50,000 for doggy discrimination, refutes allegations

The Colorado Springs attorney who was the subject of a post yesterday about his refusal to admit a disabled woman and her seeing-eye dog into his office -- a decision that ultimately cost him $50,000 -- now says he did not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Law Week Colorado reports that Patric LeHouillier agreed to pay $30,000 to Joan Murnane, a veterinarian with brain and other injuries that affect her balance, $10,000 to her husband and another $10,000 as a civil penalty "for economic reasons."

LeHouillier, who has not returned calls from Westword, was accused of barring Murnane and her service animal because of a concern that the Australian Shepherd might soil his new carpeting. In a press release, the lawyer refutes the allegations and says he didn't allow the dog in because he had reason to believe the animal was not a certified service animal.

Check out the press release below:


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