Patriot Bowl

Patriot Bowl

I don't like war. And I don't like the war in Iraq. But what I really don't like is how our wounded veterans are being treated by the government that sent them into harm's way in the first place.

This leaves me with a couple of choices: Do nothing but bitch to people who can't change a thing anyway, or try to help some of those veterans out on my own. If you feel the same way I do and would like to actually manifest some change yourself, then head over to Brunswick Zone XL, 9225 Kimmer Drive in Lone Tree, on Saturday, July 19 from 5 to 8 p.m. for Bowling for Wounded Heroes.

The evening includes guest appearances by Erik Weihenmayer plus Mammoths and Broncos players, laser tag, bowling, door prizes and a silent auction; proceeds benefit Adaptive Adventures, a non-profit organization helping people with disabilities through outdoor recreational activities. Specifically, the proceeds are going to help Adaptive Adventures help wounded soldiers. Great fun, great cause -- I'm there! Tickets are $50; for information, visit Adaptive Adventures here. Read our full calendar listing here. -- Amber Taufen

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