Jeff & Pete.
Jeff & Pete.

Peter Boyles endorses Jeff Peckman in Denver mayor's race: "Beam Peckman up!"

All you fancy-schmancy mayoral candidates bragging about being supported by business groups, unions or past and present officials should feel mighty jealous about now. That's because long-shot hopeful Jeff Peckman, the man behind Initiative 300, which would have established an extra-terrestrial affairs commission, has been formally endorsed by KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles.

The announcement came this morning, with Boyles declaring that he wanted to "throw a monkey wrench" into the election and shake up the status quo," according to a Peckman release. He also held out Jesse Ventura's victory in Minnesota's gubernatorial race a few years back as a model for Peckman's campaign and solicited potential slogans from listeners -- among them "What the heck, man: Peck-man!," "Superman, Spider-man, Peckman!," "Bikers for Peckman!" and, inevitably, "Beam Peckman up."

Peckman adds that he'll phone in to Boyles's KHOW morning show for a daily "Peckman Report" through election day, with tomorrow's chat slated for 6:30 a.m.

Advice for Peckman: Reassure Boyles that you're against allowing illegal aliens, be they from earth or beyond, to become President of the United States, even with a birth certificate.

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