Photos: Colorado People of Walmart, 2014 edition

Back in 2010, we shared our first Colorado People of Walmart post, featuring snaps from the reliably bizarre People of Walmart site.

After our 2011, 2012 and 2013 galleries, we were eager for a return visit. And when we stopped by recently, we found plenty of Colorado-centric pics that were, well, everything they'd been cracked up to be.

See your friends and neighbors in our latest ten favorite photos below.

Number 10: A day at the beach

Who needs an ocean when you've got a Walmart parking lot? Number 9: Von but not forgotten

It's against the rules for Von Miller to smoke something that might mellow him out. But the man wearing the "There Will Be Violence" tat on his scalp might consider it.... Continue to keep counting down our 2014 Colorado People of Walmart.

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