Photos: Denver is Strange tumblr's ten most memorable posts

If you ever had any doubts about whether the Mile High City can be a little odd at times, they'll be dispelled by a visit to the Denver Is Strange tumblr. The address collects weird and wacky images from throughout the history of the city, many of them culled from the invaluable Denver Public Library Western History Collection. We assembled our picks for the site's ten most memorable posts, complete with original text; they range from a gangland murder to a psychic lobster. Count them down below. Number 10: Pastel rules!

Denver on February 21, 1970: Candy-colored women in matching miniskirts and neckties promote financial services at a bridal fair in Denver.

Number 9: Was he killed because he was a grocer or a gangster?

Denver on February 19, 1933: The body of north Denver grocer and gangster Joseph "Little Joe" Roma lies on the floor of his parlor. Roma was playing his mandolin when other gangsters shot him 14 times.

Continue to keep counting down the ten most memorable posts on the Denver is Strange tumblr.

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