Photos: Five Colorado places that smell worse than the pot smoker next door

At today's Denver City Council meeting, as we've reported, an ordinance establishing possible fines and even jail time for home pot smoking that can be seen or smelled from a neighboring property is expected to be presented.

Marijuana activists have already decried the "sniff test" proposal, calling it unconstitutional. But it got us to thinking: What other places in Colorado smell so criminally bad? Here's our top five.

Number 5: Any LoDo alley on Saturday morning

On Friday nights, people letting off steam after a long week flock to LoDo to fill up on substances that eventually need to come out again -- and a lot of folks don't wait to get home before emptying themselves in a wide variety of aromatic ways.

The result is often piles of puke, pools of piss and other stuff we'd rather not describe in detail -- and heating them up the next day doesn't usually improve their scent.

Continue to keep counting down our list of five Colorado places that smell worse than the post smoker next door.

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