Photos: Nuggets 2012 skyline uniforms a bold change or a Tim Gunn nightmare?

And then came the '80s and the rise of the skyline, as seen in the 1982-83 road uniforms,whose shorts boast a rainbow pattern that looks like sample strips from a paint store.

The rainbows remain on the 1985-86 home uniforms, whose white color makes them pop even more. Only you can decide if that's a good thing.

By the time of the 1993-94 road uniforms, the uniform design had become much simpler, with even the mountainous peak that lifts the center of the word "Nuggets" qualifying as fairly subtle. No wonder you still see people wearing this version without embarrassment.

Continue to see more Nuggets uniforms of the past, plus a video of the new ones.   These 2003-04 road uniforms bring us to the powder-blue years -- and while they initially struck us as kinda wimpy, the togs definitely grew on us.

Granted, the Nuggets provided some variety now and then, as in these stylish alternative uniforms worn during the 2005-06 season.

For the most part, though, the light blue showed plenty of staying power -- even as trim, as on these 2008-09 home uniforms.

Will we look back on the new yellow uni with fondness or dismay? Form an impression from the following Nuggets video, created especially for the 2012 media day.

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