Photos: Our Ten Favorite Posts on DU Confession

More photos below.
More photos below.

Last month, we featured the top ten back-to-school posts on the CU Boulder Confessions Facebook page. Turns out, though, that University of Denver students have some confessions of their own. The DU Confession Facebook page features the sort of candor that only comes with anonymity -- and for those of you who look order, each post is numbered. With that in mind, we count down our photo-illustrated favorites from #447 to #413. Check them out below.

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Reasons I'm wearing gym shorts today:

-- I'm going to the gym -- it's fucking hot outside -- they're comfortable

Note, Guys who honked at me from their car, that "men making uncomfortable comments at me" was not listed. Keep it to yourself.


Photos: Our Ten Favorite Posts on DU Confession

I'm in a love triangle between my left and right hand. One's a provider, but the other is a little awkward. Continue to keep counting down our ten favorite posts on DU Confession.

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