Photos: Sex secrets of 1927

Magazines that are struggling to survive often attempt to lure customers by promising to reveal sex secrets -- and it's not exactly a new strategy. We recently came upon an ultra-rare copy of a mag called Physical Culture -- the May 1927 edition. And amid articles like "Banish Your Fact Like Magic" and "How I Conquered My Indigestion" were plenty of articles and ads promising to shed new light on the sweet mystery of life. What did the people of 1927 know about the horizontal mambo? Learn what were considered the secrets of sex during the Jazz Age below. Squat, thrust

Photos: Sex secrets of 1927

"I was to blame," admits the woman who stars in Christine Meredith's article, "These Exercises Won My Husband Back." After all, this "wife who failed" had lived through "this dramatic true story of an erring husband -- but she learned a great lesson, transformed herself through vitality-building physical culture and now asks herself, 'Can I accuse?'"

Apparently not. She knew she was to blame for her beloved's drifting eye, and his affection for a trollop who appealed to the sportsman in him. So the woman set out to become "physically perfect" using exercises like this one....

Photos: Sex secrets of 1927

Did it work? You bet, in part because her new appearance gave her greater confidence. Her hubby "gazed in open-mouth wonder at me and with a whoop of sincere delight threw himself into my arms."

She reciprocated in a big way: "Where a few months before I would have given him a light kiss, and pushed him away, warning him not to muss my attire, I now clung to him, my warm, ruddy lips melting to his kisses.

"Oh, yes, I thought of the other woman," she admits, "and had my moments of anger and hostility. But dismissed them, remembering it might have been my own fault."

Or it could have been that your husband's a pig -- one or the other.

Continue for more sex secrets of 1927.

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