Photos: Ten best athletes to be born in Colorado

Ask people to name Colorado's best-ever athletes and you'll hear references to the likes of John Elway, Dave Logan and Missy Franklin. But they all moved to the state rather than being born here.

So who are the greatest Colorado athletes as listed by Wikipedia who actually qualify as natives? We've collected our top ten -- and some of the names may surprise you. Check them out below.

Number 10: Vincent Jackson

Born in Colorado Springs, Jackson grew to a height of six-five and had an outstanding high school football career before matriculating to the University of Northern Colorado. But many observers were still surprised when he blossomed into one of the most dangerous and effective receivers in the NFL. He made fans of his home-state Broncos hate him when he was a member of the San Diego Chargers -- which is one reason we're glad he's signed a long-term deal to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That way, Denver defenders won't have to match up against him as often. Number 9: Buddy Lazier

Are you among those who don't consider race-car drivers to be athletes? If so, you'll object to our inclusion of Vail-native Lazier...and another standout further down on this list. But if you hold the opposite view, then you must give props to Lazier, who reached the very pinnacle of his chosen pursuit by winning the 1996 Indianapolis 500, and came close plenty of other times; he's notched six top-ten finishes. Continue to keep counting down our list of the ten best athletes to be born in Colorado.

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