Photos: Ten best characters named "Colorado" on IMDB

Ever search for something weird not really expecting to find anything, only to score way more hits than you ever imagined? That's what happened when we visited the Internet Movie Database and checked to see if there were ever any movie or TV characters named "Colorado." Turns out there were lots, including some in prominent movies portrayed by notable stars, and others in bizarre projects that neither we nor most other people have ever seen. Check out our ten faves below, complete with posters, IMDB summaries and more. Number 10: Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005)

Photos: Ten best characters named "Colorado" on IMDB

IMDB synopsis: "In the 60's, the Puerto Rican Carlito Brigante, the Afro-American Earl and the Italian Rocco become best friends while in prison. When they are released, Rocco intermediates a heroin business with a family of the Italian Mafia leaded by Artie Badalato Sr. Carlito negotiates with the lord Leroy "Hollywood Nicky" Barnes the area where the trio could operate in his neighborhood and sooner the three friends become powerful. Later, Carlito dates and has an affair with the beautiful Leticia. When Earl decides to move to Barbados with his girlfriend and leave the heroin business, his stupid younger brother causes a situation with the Italian mobsters, and Carlito and Rocco have to resolve the mess to save their lives."

Character: "Colorado," played by Casper Martinez, whose other credits include an appearance on a 2007 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and a 2013 flick called Eenie Meenie Miney Moe.

Number 9: Yellow Sky (1948)

Photos: Ten best characters named "Colorado" on IMDB

IMDB synopsis: "A band of bank robbers on the run from a posse flee into the desert. Near death from lack of water they stumble into what appears to be a ghost town, only to discover an old prospector and his granddaughter living there. The robbers discover that the old man has been mining gold and set out to make a quick fortune by robbing the pair. Their plan runs foul when the gang leader, Stretch, falls for the granddaughter, which sets off a showdown between the entire gang."

Character: "Colorado," played by Chief Yowlachie, who appeared in film and television from the 1920s to the 1960s in parts often too small to receive on-screen credit (as was the case with Yellow Sky). Highlights include The Spirit of St. Louis and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

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