Photos: Ten Best Cities for Liberals -- Including Those Supposedly Better Than Boulder

More photos below.
More photos below.

Think Boulder's the ultimate destination for liberals in America? disagrees. Yes, Boulder made the site's list of ten best cities for liberals, but several places finished ahead of it. Do you agree with the picks? Find out by counting down the photo-illustrated top ten, featuring excerpts from Livability text and the methodology used in compiling the roster. To see the original post (including lists of best cities for conservatives and centrists, too), click here.

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Number 10: Newport, Rhode Island

President John F. Kennedy made Newport, R.I., the site of his "summer white house" while in office. Much like the state of Rhode Island, most Newport residents lean towards the left of the political spectrum. The last time a Republican presidential candidate won the vote here was 1984. Among state legislators, Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of 101 to 11.... Number 9: Alexandria, Virginia

Largely populated by professionals who work for the federal government, military or government contractors, Alexandria, Va., like other D.C. suburbs, contains a diverse group of highly educated residents. Every member of Alexandria's city council, including four-term Mayor William Euille, is a Democrat. City leaders strongly support environmental protection and sustainability.... Continue to keep counting down Livability's ten best cities for liberals.

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