Photos: Ten best "Colorado" movie posters

Earlier this month, we posted about the ten TV shows you didn't know were set in Colorado. Now, we turn to (mostly obscure) movies that actually feature "Colorado" in the title -- and are accompanied by amazing posters. Almost all the flicks we found are vintage Westerns, with several starring cowboys who ride and sing! And while our top choice is a bit of a cheat, anyone who has a problem with it is probably chicken. Check out the collection below, complete with summaries from sites linked in the titles.Number 10: Colorado Kid, 1937

Photos: Ten best "Colorado" movie posters

"When Hines kills the Colonel for his money, the Colorado Kid is arrested and then found guilt of the murder. Bibben breaks him out of jail and later identifies some of the bills spent by Hines to have been part of the money stolen from the Colonel. The Kid now knows he is the one he is after and heads out to get a confession." Number 9: Colorado Serenade, 1946

Photos: Ten best "Colorado" movie posters

"Eddie Dean and Soapy Jones foil an attempted stagecoach holdup designed to murder Circuit Judge Hilton, bound for Rawhide to restore law and order. The Judge and the other passenger, Parson Trimble, decide to put up at the ranch owned by Sherry Lynn, Eddie's sweetheart, and her mother Ma Lynn. They are waylaid again, but the outlaws are driven off, and Nevada, an undercover man for the Judge, allows one of captured men to escape so he can follow him to the gang hideout. The Judge also deputizes Eddie. Nevada gets in with the gang, led by Duke and Dad Dillon, and is given the assignment to kill the Judge, whose first act in Rawhide was to close Duke's saloon and fire the city manager, Colonel Blake, a hireling of the Dillons. Eddie, Nevada and Soapy find evidence at the Dillon mine that they have been stealing government gold shipments. Colonel Blake is preparing to skip town and reveals to Sherry and saloon-girl Lola, Duke's girlfriend, that Duke is really the son of Judge Hilton, kidnapped in infancy by Dillon as an act of revenge. The Dillons and Eddie and his men are in a gunfight outside of the Palace Saloon when the Judge, having learned that Duke is is son, goes out to look for him. Duke, not believing the story, is looking to kill the Judge." Continue to see more of our ten best "Colorado" movie posters.

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