Photos: Ten Colorado Counties That See the Most UFOs Per Capita

Additional photos and more below.
Additional photos and more below.

Earlier this year, we shared information about declassified UFO sightings in Colorado as shared by

But which Coloradans are most likely to see such unidentified flying objects?

That's among the latest questions the folks at set out to answer.

The site has come up with a list of the ten Colorado counties with the most UFO sightings per 100,000 people — and while Boulder County made the list, it lands far from the top.

Count down the photo-illustrated roster below, followed by a clickable heat map offering much more info about the number of UFOs spotted in every Colorado county. For more information about Denver and beyond, click here.

Montezuma County, Colorado.
Montezuma County, Colorado.

Number 10:
Montezuma County, CO
31.36 sightings per 100K

Las Animas County, Colorado.EXPAND
Las Animas County, Colorado.

Number 9:
Las Animas County, CO
33.03 sightings per 100K

Boulder County, Colorado.
Boulder County, Colorado.

Number 8:
Boulder County, CO
35.87 sightings per 100K

Archuleta County, Colorado.
Archuleta County, Colorado.

Number 7:
Archuleta County, CO
41.29 sightings per 100K

Moffat County, Colorado.
Moffat County, Colorado.

Number 6:
Moffat County, CO
44.62 sightings per 100K

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