Photos: Ten Dog Breeds With the Most and Fewest Bites in Denver

More photos below.
More photos below.

9News, whose Kyle Dyer was bitten by a dog on the air a couple of years back, has just completed a thorough and wide-ranging report about dog bites in the Denver-metro area. Among the information compiled in conjunction with Rocky Mountain PBS: which breeds have registered the most and the fewest number of biting incidents between 2012 and 2014.

Continue to see two photo-illustrated lists, with the first spotlighting the ten breeds that chalked up the most bites and the second showing those with the fewest recorded incidents. Count them down below -- and to see the complete 9News/Rocky Mountain PBS piece about dog bites, featuring much more information, click here.

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The Ten Breeds That Registered the Most Dog Bites in the Denver Area, 2012-2014:

Number 10: Husky

Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 61 Number 9: Australian Cattle Dog

Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 62 Number 8: Lab Mix

Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 66 Number 7: Rottweiler

Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 84 Number 6: American Bulldog

Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 86

Continue to continue counting down our lists of the ten dog breeds with the most and fewest dog bites in Denver.

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