Photos: Ten manliest Colorado cities

What does manliness mean in the 21st century? According to our friends at the real estate blog for Movoto, who've compiled a list of Colorado's ten manliest cities, it's a combination of things. Like steakhouses. And cigar shops. And gun stores.

Look below to see Movoto's top ten, complete with photos interspersed with details about the ultra-scientific study shared on the original post. Betcha can't guess who's number one. Or number two. Or number three....

Number 10: Lakewood

Photos: Ten manliest Colorado cities

Barber Shops: A Close Shave and a Neat Haircut

Ah, the barber shop. This is the closest most men are willing to get to a "spa," whatever that is. It's in these temples to the male noggin that we're willing to trust highly-trained experts to cut our hair and shave our faces for us using the only real implements for doing so: scissors and a straight razor. They'll also chat with us about sports, the latest greatest trucks, or--if we so choose -- not a damn thing at all.

Grand Junction was a cut above Colorado's other cities when it came to barber shops per capita, followed by Littleton and Denver.

Number 9: Lafayette

Photos: Ten manliest Colorado cities

Boxing Gyms: A Gentleman's Sport

After you've gotten your hair cut all tidy and your mustache waxed, it's time to practice your proficiency at pugilism. Sure, you can swing away at a speed bag in most gyms, but it's at one specifically meant for boxing that you'll find a salty coach figure ready to bark nearly incomprehensible orders to duck, weave, and jab at you.

As it turns out, only eight of the top 25 cities in Colorado have one. Englewood has the most on a per capita basis, followed by Littleton, and then Wheat Ridge.

Continue to keep counting down Colorado's ten manliest cities.

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