Photos: Ten most memorable definitions for "Denver" on Urban Dictionary

Photos and more below.
Photos and more below.

Back in June 2012, our Kelsey Whipple put together a collection of ten weird Denver definitions in Urban Dictionary -- a roster that includes terms such as "Denver delay" ("The inevitable delay that will always occur during layovers at Denver International Airport") and "Denver brownie" ("Affectionately taking a dump on the windshield of a lover's car"). But the word "Denver" itself is defined dozens of different ways on the site. Most of them are positive, but some of them definitely aren't.

Count down our choices for the ten most memorable definitions and ways to use them in a sentence below.

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Number 10:

Photos: Ten most memorable definitions for "Denver" on Urban Dictionary

One of the best cities ever! Some of you guys who don't like Denver have only experienced the lame people. Which yeah there is a fare share of lame people, but thats just like any other city. Once you get past the lame asses you will meet some of the chillest and most unique people. Maybe ever thought the reason people drive so slow is that they are high? Colorado weed is the shit! Every city has their problems so stop baggin on Denver! And who ever said Denver was a party city? That doesn't make it any less cool.If you truly hate Denver then I am thinking you aren't even chill enough to be here. Denver is so chill.

Number 9:

Photos: Ten most memorable definitions for "Denver" on Urban Dictionary

To all of you out of town bitches saying Denver is a "cowtown" or "mostly white" you bitches need to learn your facts, idiots. I live in Denver and it has a lot of Black People and majority of the Population is Hispanic so watch your tongues, assholes. And yes we do have ruff Ghetto's and Hoods like every other city. Every city has Hoods. Don't talk shit if you don't live out here. Out of town people always stereotype us people in DENVER as being "rich" or "all white city". Out here Denver we have a lot of mixed couples, Black People, and a whole lot of Hispanics, and some whites out here. P.S. Assholes I've been threw Hoods like St, Louis , Los Angeles, and Milwaukee and every city has its ruff places. And we got pretty girls out here.

Out towner: Dude, Denver's such a cowtown lol!

Me: Do you even live out here?

Out towner: No I just searched it up on the Internet.

Me: Then you don't live out here, shit talker

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