Photos: Ten weird Denver-area places -- an alternative tour

The TBEX North America conference, billed as the world's largest travel blogger convention, kicks off today at Keystone Resort, and VISIT DENVER's Rich Grant has a big role in showing off the area. But which local landmarks would he prefer the writers skip? We asked, and he (unwisely?) made a suggestion we've included on our own top ten list of places they should check out to get a sense of Denver's quirky side. Count them down below.Number 10: One senator's favorite DIA bathroom

Photos: Ten weird Denver-area places -- an alternative tour

The artwork at Denver International Airport has inspired plenty of conspiracy theories -- but Idaho Senator Larry Craig got a different kind of inspiration a few years back, when he reportedly tried to arrange a tryst in a DIA bathroom. Sex marks the spot! Number 9: The dankest corner in Denver

Photos: Ten weird Denver-area places -- an alternative tour

Last year, Westword contributor Sensei Skywalker set out to identify the dankest-smelling street corners in a city known for a certain skunky scent ever since the medical marijuana industry took off. The winner? West 6th Avene and North Kalamath Street, about which she wrote: "The smell of ganja overpowers every inch of this busy corner as a sea of cars continuously pours on and off Sixth Avenue. Pedestrians walking out front during a First Friday event at the Battery should take it slow and enjoy the wonderful smell of Mother Nature's goodness that envelops the air from the plethora of medical marijuana grow houses nearby." Page down to read about more Denver places travel bloggers should visit -- but won't.

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