Photos: Ten weirdest pieces of John Denver art

When stars meet their maker, the fans they leave behind (or people who want to appeal to them) pay tribute, often in very strange ways. That's certainly the case with the late John Denver, who took his name from our fair city. Below, see the ten oddest artistic salutes to the singer of our state's official song. Will they inspire giggles or make you feel Rocky Mountain high? You be the judge. Number 10: What a doll

This so-called "John Denver Art Doll," which we spotted on Etsy (click the link for details), is kinda amazing -- and definitely not the work of a 3D printer. Here's the artist's description:

For the John Denver fan, this doll is especially made! I created this John Denver art doll with his circa 1970's look in bell bottom blue pants, floral shirt, and vest. He has a detailed hand painted face, bobbed cut hair, and even has tiny silver wire spectacles! For a little pizzaz I added one of his snazzy blue guitars and a tiny copy of one of his albums too!

Little John is a bargain, too. Price: $4.50! Number 9: Now you see him, now you don't

Found this image on Pinterest, and the longer we look at it, the more confused we get. Is it saying that JD embodied the beauty of nature? Or that he's disappeared into it, dust-to-dust style? Dunno -- but his hair still looks terrific! Continue to keep counting down our ten weirdest pieces of John Denver art.

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